I want to cook my burgers in the air fryer

So I want to make french fries using fresh potatoes in my air fryer, and I also want to cook my burgers in it. I saw online that I can make the burgers in it by cooking at 360 for 12 minutes. But if I want to do the fries in it, it looks like I am going to have to do the burgers on the stove in my cast iron skillet instead? I am guessing I can't do both in the air fryer. My fries are going to get cold while the burger is cooking if I do that, and if I cook the fries after the burger, they are going to taste like the burger (not that it would be a bad thing) and of course the burger will get cold while the potatoes are cooking. Anyone ever do both for the same meal? Any ideas?

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I don't have an air fryer, but I would cook the burgers in cast iron and then just set the pan in a warm oven while you cook the fries. They should be fine for that long.

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Check Kindle for free air fryer cookbooks. They used to have a bunch, though those deals come and go. As to your question, I do the burgers in a skillet and the fries in the air fryer. Shake your fries around during the process, maybe around halfway through, especially if you're making a bunch at once.
Yeah, I have a pretty good sized air fryer. I did 2 small potatoes and they just finished, looking pretty good. I opted to do the burgers on the stove in my cast iron skillet. Everything is all done at once. I was just trying to find a way to do things without making more of a mess, LOL. It's okay though! And thank you for the advice smiling smiley
I have had my air fryer for about two years now. When I got it I tried lots of recipes and found no entree was better in the air fryer than with conventional cooking. What I have found is that it is better for reheating leftovers than using the oven or microwave as it crisps the exterior again and leaves the interior moister. I have kept it around mostly because it does a decent job with potatoes without having to heat up the oven.

My air fryer is on its way to being donated because of 'real estate' issues. It takes up too much countertop space for its usefulness and although it is dishwasher safe, it takes up too much space in the dishwasher so needs to be hand washed, where it takes about four times as long to clean as a frying pan plus take a lot of space on my drying rack.

I'm glad to have had a chance to try it, but short of having a family that insisted on tater tots every night for dinner, it is only modestly successful.
I do not go a day without using my airfryer. I have had it for over 2 years and now it's missing a handle (sister was a little assertive when she tried it out lol) and I rigged it up and use it anyway. It is the best thing for heating up pizza and other doughy items that would get soggy in the micro or possibly too done in the oven. I love to cook whole meals in there, but I've never done fresh fries, just frozen. When I do fries and a steak, I put the fries on the bottom and cook a few minutes and then shake or flip if they're steak fries and then I put the steak or burger in. I love a bloody steak/burger and I find that you have to do a little experimenting, of course erring on the less done than overdone. 5 days out of the week it's just me I'm cooking for and I love how easy it is it to make a meal for one or two. When I first got it, I was an active blogger and I did a special feature at least once a week on doing meal delivery (Hello Fresh, Blue Apron) in the air fryer. It was one of my favorite experiments!

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Nice. Yeah, I have a huge kitchen so it doesn't bother me that it sits on the counter. It is big, though. I also agree that it's great for reheating stuff, love the quick and easy pizza reheat. It's better for reheating fried chicken for sure, as when I did it in my toaster oven one side would end up soggy and stick to the TO baking sheet. The airfryer basket is pretty easy to clean and I wouldn't run it through the dishwasher just because I tend to wash things I want to last (fine china, nice pots and pans, etc.) by hand. I had read some reviews that there is a risk of the coating peeling off eventually if you run it through the dishwasher.
My air fryer was a gift two years ago. I tried it numerous times. Not a fan. My results are better using a cast iron skillet, hot oven, or convection oven. I've got a walk-in pantry. The air fryer sits alongside a bread machine, two fondue pots, popcorn maker, a Keurig, and a slicing machine. All would be collecting dust if I didn't buy covers for them.

ETA: Just looked in the pantry and saw that I forgot to list the dehydrator, rice maker, and FoodSaver. Maybe someone will want or sell them one of these days.

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You can cook both at the same time and neither will taste like the other because they don't touch. Try cooking the burger then when it's half done put in the fries. Check the burger with a meat thermometer. I use a spray bottle with oil to spray things like potatoes that I put in the air fryer. They are more crisp.

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Mert, if you are serious about selling the air fryer, please PM me.

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