Phishing for PayPal? Be Careful!

Be Careful! Apparent Phishing using fake PayPal website. I get an email about a supposed payment made to Playwith Interactive from every day. This may look like it's from PayPal, but the email address is fake. It is apparently a subdomain to phish your PayPal account information from you. Never login to your PayPal account by using a link in an email.

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Report it to so it can be investigated.

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Did they address you by name? Anytime I get an email where they don't immediately address me by name, I delete. It's those "dear customer" ones that are so blatantly obvious. Not that I wouldn't go ahead and investigate otherwise, because these days, you just never know if you have been hacked.
I get a couple of those a week. Also from my banks. I delete and then sign into the real site(s) and find, surprise, no problems or messages.

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