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I need help...I am trying to add a new bank account to paypal and have direct deposit sent to new bank, but can't change over. There should be a transfer link, but isn't and I am unable to change from 1st. bank to 2nd, yet I still need first bank to be active. I have money to direct deposit to new bank, but unable to do appreciated.

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When i went into paypal just now, i clicked on the button "link a card or bank." From there it wanted me to choose from a list of banks or type in my own. I didnt go any farther because i didnt have another bank to link to. When i got to the screen with my existing bank info, there was an option to make it my preferred bank. Perhaps that would force it to make that bank come up first when you go to transfer money?????

Did you verify it? You can do this by logging into your bank while in PayPal for immediate linkage or do it manually. If manual, PayPal will do the two or three little deposit thing which you need to verify i.e. the deposit amiunts made to your account. It's a couple of cents that will be reversed. Hope this helps.
Oh yeah. I forgot about that. Perhaps you have linked it successfully already, Irene, and don't know it because the verification isn't complete.

Paypal has verified my bank accounts. They will deposit a few cents and then ask how much the deposit was to verify your bank. I think it took a couple of days.
Yeah you will have to verify the new bank account before you can transfer to it, if you have not already done that. It takes a couple to several days to do this

As someone else has said, they send a tiny deposit or two then have you tell them the amounts via the web site. Plan a couple of days before you see these deposits and can answer the question about amounts to verify. Once verified, set this new account as your preferred account. Nothing quick about any of it.
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