If anyone is cold and shops for the next year

Walmart has clearanced ClimateRight CuddleDuds for $3. I bought frigid and expedition for next year. Next winter I am going to be warm.

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These are unmentionables. *looks around, whispers* They are thermal tops and bottoms.

@prince wrote:

I don't know what that is.

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@prince wrote:

I don't know what that is.

They are thermals that are soft and cozy not like the scratchy waffle thermals. They come in pretty colors as well as black and they don't bunch up under outer clothes.
I carried around heavy gloves, a knit hat, and some ear muffs and never really wore them this year. But then again I am only 60 miles south of Kansas and 100 miles from Arkansas. And so far it has only snowed once here this winter that hung around so people could see it. Schools even had a snow day over it although by 10 AM it was nothing except in a heavily shaded area. The spousal unit took pictures to show me when I finally got up that day. Which is rarely before Noon 30

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Fancy long johns.

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