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Yes. It’s pretty lucrative at this moment. I also live in an area where I can do many batches and not drive more than a mile from the main grocery store.
@chiffon cupcakes wrote:

is there a way we can see demand in a certain area? i'm in a semi rural area

I would sign up and look at the batches. You don’t have to take them if you don’t want. In a rural area I’m thinking less batches but higher pay.
I went ahead and signed up and no it's not very lucrative in a semi-rural area. I watched a video on YouTube where people were making $350, $400, $500 a day. Nope, not in my area. Stores are limiting the amount of people so the wait time to get in was 15-30 minutes. You get a list of what the customer wants, count on a lot to be out of stock. Each time you have to find an alternate then wait for them to approve. If produce doesn't meet quality standards you find an alternate and wait. The app crashes and you wait for the system to reboot. You shop with a preloaded debit card and my first 4 jobs it didn't work so i had to use my personal card, for about $300 which gets reimbursed. For the 4 jobs i made $84 and change including tips. The first three were at Aldi where i normally shop so i know where everything is. Yesterday I was in the closest city and same thing. Took me start to finish (waiting to get into store, shop, text for alternates, picked 48 items, waiting to check out, box and bag order, drive 8 miles to deliver, walk up 2 flights of steps while also looking for meter maid since there was no weekday parking) 2 hours 19 minutes for $18.02 including tips. At least i got to listen to the radio on the way home. People making a lot of money are in NY & CA where the risk is much higher. In my area the risk is lower but i still shop with mask, gloves or sanitizer for hands.

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I'm in Southern California and have been working Instacart the last month and making bank! I can actually be picky about the batches I choose to work and wait for something that works for me. Instacart is way better than usual due to people not wanting to venture out to the store so they're tipping better. Only one store I ran into having to wait in a long line, but it moved fast. I hope it stays this way, as far as busy and good tips/batch pay, but I know it won't. Instacart tries to pay us the least they can. It's a shame. We work hard for our money and put the wear and tear on our vehicles. But, it's working for me right now as a side gig since I can't shop. I'm grateful..

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Check out batches at Costco, you enter through the receiving door and they have a dedicated Instacart checkout lane.
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