Spam. What's the point?

Lately, the Forum has been besieged by an onslaught of Spam, first by the foreign-language "poems," then by the "find love in the Ukraine"-type nonsense.

What is the point of spam? Merely harmless annoyances? Do they get some sort of odd thrill about clogging up peoples' mailboxes? Do they get paid to do this foolishness? I just do not see why they waste their time. What am I missing?

Kudos to the Forum Moderators for deleting the offending posts nearly immediately!

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It could be an ex-forum member who is disgruntled with the mods and other forum members she doesn't like. Or maybe not. I always report the spam and it goes away pretty quickly.
One point of spam is to collect active email addresses. Not so much with these spams, but for the spams that come in emails and have an unsubscribe link, those are email captures. The person or company sending the email will remove you from their email list, but they will then sell your live email address for anywhere from a few cents on up to other spammers and legit companies. Although a few pennies doesn't seem like much, companies will buy millions of emails at a time, making spam a very lucrative venture for those people who are slimy enough to "work" that way. And all they had to do was send an automated email to computer-generated email addresses.
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