Not a IC question, rather those with W2 jobs - looking for someone who might be in my scenario UE

Anyone else go through this scenario?
I'm trying to gauge if I'll be eligible for the additional $600 CAREs stimulus

Salaried employee - pennsylvania
Company asked us to reduce hours and pay by 40%
can file for unemployment, on this reduced amount
BUT trying to figure out if I will really get the additional $600/week or is that only if you get reduce to 0hours/pay

From my readings, it appears that I might -
BUT what doesn't seem right is that I would be getting more than 100% of my missing pay if it is truly unemployment plus CAREs stimulus

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From what I understand, you should be getting the $600/week in addition to partial unemployment. I know it doesn't make sense, but that is what my understanding is. I haven't heard of anyone yet getting that $600 with the exception of a handful of teachers I know. I'm in NJ, so it may be different, but I'm pretty sure it's the same policy.

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Yes, one of the complaints I've read is that some people will receive more on unemployment than they were earning.

So you may be right.

In any case, get your application in.
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