I am wondering if any of you have had any luck with composting. I have a Garden Tower and it has a composter tube in the middle of it. I've had it for 2 years and some months it seems to work great and other times it seems to just attract bugs. I have replenished the worms in it, but sometimes it seems like they're not doing the job I hired them to do.

I'm thinking of just getting a big compost bin and give up on the one in my tower because I work on that thing every day pretty much and it's annoying to just see the flies buzzing about it and honestly, I have more to compost than just that tube holds. Does anyone have any recommendations for larger compost bins or a way to make the worms work full time instead of sporadically?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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If you have the room for it, make a compost bin with four pallets, which can usually be found for free. You stand the pallets up to make a square and tie them together, leaving one corner untied so you can open and close it. My neighbors put chicken wire around theirs, but I don't see that one way or the other is any better. The whole project takes about 10 minutes. Just start tossing in the compostables, making sure that non-food items (newspaper, cardboard, etc) are torn into small pieces and slightly moistened.

I've used mine for years, and it does a great job, never any flies or bugs. I put a handful of red worms in it years ago, and there are still worms in there, maybe because the bottom is just the soil I built it on. Many people are not aware that a compost pile should be 'vegetarian', with no meat scraps, dairy, or oils. It is easy to get the composting process started by tossing in a handful or two of dog or cat kibble.

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I had a lidded bin with a sliding door at the bottom to remove finished compost, but eventually the door popped off. I bought the cheapest trash can with a lid I could find at Home Depot, drilled 1 inch holes in the sides and bottom, and tied the lid to the handle with a length of rope. After a critter knocked it over I put a landscaping brick at the bottom. It worked great. Most years I would get black soldier fly larvae, which look kind of gross didn't bother me. Actually, they helped break the food scraps down.

Now that I'm living in a condo I'm trying to find someone with a bin who will let me add my fruit and vegetable waste. I feel guilty throwing it in the trash!

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I too have a trash can. Its now a year old and I'm about to dump it on a tarp. Six holes in the bottom for drainage on the rocks where its sitting.
Vegetable kitchen waste is what goes into ours and fresh grass cuttings. The grass is mounded over to the side of the pile so it can be easily pulled over kitchen waste that attracts flies and critters. The pile is next to a wire fence but otherwise has no enclosure. It gets wetted down frequently when we are in a dry spell and it gets turned a couple of times a year. No oak leaves go into the pile because they take too long to break down. We do not get good potting soil out of it but rather decomposed enough matter to fill holes and depressions in the yard that grass is willing to cover.
Thank you, all! I live in a duplex with a shared back "yard" made of concrete and weird paving stones. That's why I got the Garden Tower. I love the pallet idea, but it won't work for me. I may just adapt that trash can idea for me. I was looking at the little counter top one, but 1 gallon is just not enough..I eat tons of veggies and have lots of scraps.
With all of this time off and nice weather, it is killing me that I don't have a proper garden. I can't wait until I get a place with a yard of some sort.

Shopping the South Jersey Shore
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