ISO Trout recipe

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Hi nslinhar! How are you? Nice to "see" you.

I don't cook a lot of fish so I"m not a good source for a recipe, but I have seen some fish recipes that you can put a piece of fish in a foil packet with seasonings and such, and either put the foil packets on the grill or in the oven. I've some with just the fish and some with fish and some vegetables. They look good.

I like Trout Russian but I've never actually tried to make it myself. Check out a recipe and see what you think.
The best way to cook trout is with just a little salt pepper and lemon on the grill. If you don't have a grill, it's great pan fried, too. If you have whole gutted/gutted fish, just slice a few slits on the top, put lemon slices on the inside and cook over high heat on the grill or medium heat in a pan.

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Hi @kimmiemae ! Keepin' on keepin' on. You?

I've got whole, gutted fish. My freezer is packed. I've got to cook what's in the fridge and left in the cooler on ice, and quick. I've popped a bunch on the grill for neighbors. The foil suggestions made me remember I had parchment paper for crafts, so I'll be fancy and do en papillote tonight with lemon wheels, butter, garlic and my neighbors fresh herbs. I'll do that on the grill, too. That'll give her kids something to help do. We can assembly line it 6 feet apart with a couple of collapsible tables.

Trout Russian sounds amazing. I'll be selfish and do that one for me smiling smiley

Keep em'c9min, and I hope everyone is well.
Fish also works well under the broiler. My preference is to give it a quick wipe with melted butter, then a little salt and pepper. I do it on foil on a cookie sheet for quick cleanup. If it is skin on, I check closely for scales before cooking, if fillets I check closely to pull any bones. Fish does not take long to cook, so whatever method you use, watch it closely. The thickness will determine cooking time. If I am doing it whole I will turn the fish over part way through cooking.
@Flash quick cleanup is key. And yes, there are scales. I am finding them everywhere. I'm now the favorite of the neighborhood cats.
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