New year, new gigs?

In my defense, I am making a valiant effort to avoid news overload. But when something happens almost every day it is hard to look away; I gawp and sponge-like, soak up whatever is presented. After so many days and so many events I realize that I might have been watching relationship patterns develop over time. Or not. Please stop reading now if you might not want to think of such things. Meanwhile, compare Pelosi and the Trump step-sister, or whoever she is. Note well that it is still legal to identify these individuals in various uncensored ways if this is what we wish to do. Think back to the time when was President Trump in his greatest strengths. When did each woman begin to attack and do their psychological dominatrix thing against him, and how long did it take after each attack before the President began to experience and demonstrate what can only be signs of abuse? I posit that he was abused by females at some point in the past, that Pelosi is unable to show respect and restraint for this man [not sure about other men but look out, Biden! She might be attacking you you next!], and the step-sister, as a sibling sort, knows exactly how to push President Trump's buttons.... and I am beginning to show stress signs myself just from keyboarding about such people and remembering why I might know such a thing.... just when we think we have overcome their effects, these people pop up, or grab, or create any opportunity to work their sickness on us and we crumble... and we shouldn't because after all. we are all grown up now... and we try to remember what Judith Orloff and other people have told us to do... and...

So regardless of what you think of this scarcely started hypothesis, what would you think of being paid to dissect the news, the dynamics of people in the news, and things like this? All things considered, we could choose other types of topics?

Recently, I suggested that social media be dismantled and people learn or re-learn to communicate in other ways. This was my idea long before President Trump. Without social media, President Trump will be fine. His world is a busy place. But what about the rest of us? Should there be gigs for which we are paid to chatter, opine, and commune?

The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man. ~ Unknown
I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born. - Ronald Reagan

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