And in other news..... University staff given list of banned microinsults.....

..... [and simultaneously given license to force (or at least persuade via social engineering tactics) other people to wear bright colors, stripes, and flash a message that might not be authentic and should not be adopted if it is not true].....

I appreciate the idea of being a safe person. I know that I have a great deal more to learn about being a kind person who is aware of differences and somehow manages to avoid any and all mention of any and all gender and sex matters forever. At this juncture in my lifelong educational journey, I have a few questions. How safe is it for anyone when entire populations are forced to follow prescribed way of living as compared to permitting the existence of awareness that seeing beyond appearances leads more directly to knowing people based upon what is within them than wearing cause colors? Where is the freedom to wear something that shows support for other causes or for no causes? What if we do not want to support or enrich specific industries? Why should anyone be allowed to co-opt the use of our appearances and pocketbooks? Are any of us going to be safe if we are not wearing the prescribed cause colors, or will be shunned, maimed, or killed for doing something else?

The implementation of such safety which is meant for one people group, is nothing but an assault on freedom of individual thought and academic inquiry, the givens of nature, the defaults and options of nurture, what should be a vast if not infinite array of expression (because much expression happened in the past and has disappeared and much will happen in the future), everyone's personal preferences, and an insult to the notion that people of any/all persuasions can learn to co-exist without orders from headquarters-- be those from governments, activists, lobbyists, or control freaks from anywhere else.

So how can we be safe, authentic, and free?

But read the article and make up your own mind about what I perceive as hypocrisy on steroids. You might see it differently. If so, good. We all should be free to be and think and decide.

If you are uncomfortable with following a link, just look for The Telegraph (UK) and 'university staff given list of banned microinsults...'


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