For those of you who have sold on Ebay I need to know how to delete an item that I have listed. Thankyou.

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Go to your manage active listings board,find the item you want to delete ,check the box that is next to edit, go back to top click on box that says ACTIONS,click end listing,pop up opens lower right hand corner click blue button end listing.The listing moves to your ended/unsold listing board.
Thank you sueac101 for responding. I have looked all over the ebay site and can't even find the manage active listings on it. Sorry to be so dumb.
If you want I can PM you my telephone number and you can call me and I can walk you through it. And are you using a desktop or laptop to do it on? If you are trying to do it on a cellphone a lot of the ebay pages don't show the whole page on a cell.
Or PM me your email and I will send you step by step instructions with pics. of the pages to get you to it.
I am in Idaho which is Mountain time.
You can always contact Ebay and ask them. Since it is their website and they will help you for sure. Just go to your account click Contact Us which is Contact Ebay. This way you're dealing with them directly. Make a list of questions you have. They've changed so much. They no longer allow sellers to be paid via paypal. They pay sellers direct dep. but they take out a huge amount. At this point Ebay is pretty much under the foot of Amazon. It's all about Amazon and Walmarts. Ebay's reign is over.

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