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I apologize for posting this question here but I cannot find it anywhere and couldn't find any contact info or a way to ask the administrator, etc. and I have an unhappy client who wants mystery shop opportunity posts deleted ASAP. Can you please advise how/where to do so? Thanks!

Scot Carson

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I took it to mean the the OP wanted to find a way to have posts that us Forum members post about Amusement Advantage deleted because they are not favorable to the Client. Sort of like how some casino shops get bad reviews on here. Maybe this OP from AA wants to know if posts that Forum members post can be deleted. I don't see how that could be possible. As long as we meet the Forum rules, and aren't vulgar, dishonest or caustic, I don't see why individual posts should be deleted. But, that's just my interpretation of the request by the OP.

If, as you say, the OP just wants to delete some of their own posts, yeah, that's simple enough. Just go into the post and backspace all the comments, save it, and it's done! No more post to read!
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