SERVICE SLEUTH: Slow uploading a second PDF's ??

My first PDF uploads quickly, but the second one always needs to be attempted 3-4 times before it is accepted.

Is this my own computer problem ??? Or a problem with the msc's system??

Many Thanks

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Couldn't tell you. The only shop I do has 2 receipts and I tape one on the other without covering any critical information to make it one upload.
One separate upload is for the ticket stub, the second separate one is for the concession receipt.
You can't tape them both to one piece of paper to scan? I.e. do they provide two separate locations to upload the pieces? I have had multiple uploads with other SASSIE websites and did not find the subsequent ones slow. But I tend to start my uploads and go work on the report while they are uploading and just check them when they are done.
I haven't had any problems scanning and uploading anything to any MSC and that includes service Sleuh
I have had that problem before. When it happens, I turn off my current browser and switch to Firefox to finish uploading the files.
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