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Previously when I selected the grocery store MS from SI, I knew which dept was the "Special Request" and made my decision based on that. Now that Kern is doing the scheduling, I could not see where you know ahead of time what that dept is.
Kinda Frustrating since I choose to only shop when it is certain depts.

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Self assign them on the SI board. This round and next round will be seafood. The sequence runs 2 shops in seafood, then 2 in bakery, 2 meat, 2 cust svc, 2 produce, 2 grocery. That is about the only thing predictable now they have moved to NC.

On the Kern site you will note a bunch of these grocery stores 'left' in Florida, but on the SI site you will find they are all gone. If you look at AL you will see that both sites show a shop left in Auburn. Since that job could be self assigned at SI or only requested at Kern, take it at SI and save yourself grief.
I'm very concerned about how myserviceintelligence and kern scheduling is delaying on payments this month! When I contacted the representative from kern scheduling via email he said, "sometimes it takes 3-5 days and let me know if the payment isn't there by Monday October 3, 2011" So, I did not receive payment on Monday and I have made double sure that all of my information per paypal is accurate, however, when I tried to contact the scheduler again he is not responding! If the company issues a pay statement and the payments are made via paypal then there should not be any lag time; should there? I'm very disappointed and irritated at this point. Does anyone have any words of advice about this situation? Thank you!
I know that Kern is handling one client from the ExperienceExchange side but was not aware of any from the myserviceintelligence side. The ExperienceExchange side sent out an email that payments were being delayed (they normally do direct deposit the last business day of the month) and updated that to say payments would arrive sometime before the end of the week. Did you receive similar emails for the myserviceintelligence side?

My gut feeling is that end of quarter accounting and comments I have read here about them being bought by another company are likely the bureaucratic snag here in getting payments out. Not that that helps shoppers. For myself, I'm just being patient for a while rather than get nutsy about it. They are communicating to us en masse, which seems to be the only way they communicate any more since they brought down the work from Canada to NC.
Oh thank you Flash* And to answer your question I did not receive any emails from myserviceintelligence that stated anything about delays in payments; however, when I logged into myserviceintelligence it shows that I have been paid or at least I have a pay statement from September 30, 2011 at 9:03pm...but the funds are not in my paypal account yet. The scheduler who assigned me the job has an email address from kern scheduling and I do wish that he would've given me half the information you just did smiling smiley Thank you for your input and I will remain patient though a bit irritated tongue sticking out smiley Thank you very much!
Frankly Kern seems to be being kept in the dark as much as shoppers are. I noted a recent Kern email that the jobs I was interested in came many many hours after the jobs posted at the SI website. I had already taken what would work in my schedule so the Kern notice was irrelevant at best.
I haven't done any work for SI in years. Didn't have time to keep up with all the certifications since I wasn't shopping much and had my hands full with a newborn.

Since they've moved to NC are they paying the same shop fee for US shoppers as they are for Canadian shoppers? The last I heard they would raise the US shop fees if the exchange rate for the American dollar stayed close to the Canadian dollar, which it has. I'm not sure if I want to bother to get my account reactivated if it's still lower, especially if Kern is scheduling some shops. For those of you who are active shoppers, is the pay equivalent now and do you think it's worth reactivating my account? Thanks.

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There is only one type of shop that I do for them on a regular basis and the pay and reimbursement has been unchanged in all the years I have done the shop. Bonuses are less frequent and more miserly now that they are in NC. (Which may well be due to the number of shoppers competing for the work.) Communication via VOX is non-existent and with the arrival of Kern, SI doesn't even want you to email them but Kern.
I know they made promises to raise the US shops to the same pay as the Canadian shops. According to the Kern site, there are a few clients for SI they schedule for. Thankfully, none that are in my area because I won't shop for KSS. If SI is still paying Canadian shoppers more for the same job, I won't work for them either. Can't do it. It's the principle of the matter. And the PITA certifications for jobs I might never do that I'm supposed to stay current on. Let me do the certification if I choose to apply for the shop. Blah. Thanks.
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