Remington Evaluations

Is anyone else having problems being paid from this company? They require invoice submission but the contractor's agreement states that payment will be issued within 6 weeks of performing the assignment. I have consistently found out that they don't pay on time and the owner does not respond well when you request payment status information. Just wondering if I am the only one experiencing difficulty with this company??

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I haven't shopped with them in some time. My payment has been by check, about five weeks after the shop. "the owner does not respond well when you request payment status information". Well now, isn't that too bad. I don't respond well when I have to chase down payments because they're late!
I am having the same problem right now. I did a shop for them 9 weeks ago and sent my invoice over 5 weeks ago and still haven't been paid. I sent numerous e-mails over the past 5 weeks and am barely getting any responses. I was informed that the accountant cuts checks once or twice a month...that was 5 weeks ago with no pay. I am trying to be pushier to get paid and now I am not getting any responses. I am very angry and feel scammed.
Have you telephoned? Their phone number is listed on their home page. Maybe calling could shed some light on the delay. Hopefully, it's just a flub or misunderstanding on their end.
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