About Freeman Group

I have worked for them in the past and I admit, I did have some problems getting paid.
On several occasions, I had to call repeatedly to finally get paid.
I attach the contact information that I have for them in the hope that I might be able to help others.
Contact Info 972-479-1345
Pam Senter (psenter@freemangroup.org)

Jesse Boles- e-mail= jboles@freemangroup.org
Send receipts to: mguzman@freemangroup.org
I like doing the shops as it gives me a way of staying over to do more shops in an area rather than having to drive home and back again,
I believe that the 3 month waiting peroid is a money making strategy for freeman group. Think about it, if the motel room costs $50 and they hold that $50 of your money for 3 months, along with the other 1000 people that shopped for them this month, that is $50,000 dollars that they have to draw interest on for 3 months prior to paying the shoppers.
I once asked why it took them 3 months to pay out and got the run around.
Will I shop for them again?? Maybe if it works out for me but not just to help them out of a tight spot.

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roxygirlie 1021 If we help each other out when we can, MAYBE we can get some of these things worked out.
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