Big Props to Mintel!

This is, without a doubt, a personal record. I completed and submitted a photo audit to Mintel last Monday. When I checked my mailbox last night, the check was already there.

Absolutely remarkable. 7 days from upload of report to having a paper check in my hand. Given 2-3 days for mail delivery, and taking out Sunday, that means they processed and approved the shop, plus issued and mailed payment in approximately 48 hours after upload.

Makes me wonder that if one company can do it in under a week, why does it take 60+ days sometimes.

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Agreed with Lisa, Great company but they rarely have jobs in my area.

Triple Platinum Certified - Shopping South Central Kansas
Last job I did for them, same thing...amazing, and they are so nice to work for. Totally for the shopper.

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If you click on the link below the original post it will take you to their site.

ymmud Wrote:
> Could you tell me what the website is for mintel
> as i might like to sign up?

Triple Platinum Certified - Shopping South Central Kansas
Mintel is definitely on the top of my list. Love them. I wish they had more work in my area!

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