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I have been emailing this company constantly for months. They are the company that organizes the shops for another company Service Sleuths. I was to do a movie theater shop( I have done like 8 others for them). I emailed a week before and then 2 more times before the date to state that the movie theater has actually been closed. I have then since emailed multiple people asking for the flake citation to be removed and it has not been. There is no one to contact and when I have emailed I have not gotten a response and the citation is still there. Any similar problems?

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They flaked me because the theater they assigned me to for an evening show's last evening show was at 7:05 pm and there was no way I could get there in time and asked if I could go the next night and was told yes by the scheduler. However when I went to download my paperwork the flake was there.

The other time was when we had that freak snowstorm in October and my oil change appointment to do for them was at 3 pm and by that point the roads were hell and branches down all over the place as well as power outages. I got a bitchy email about "other people did their jobs, whats your problem?" and my reply back was that as much as I needed an oil change my life wasn't worth it.

I like the mystery shops for theaters purple portal has, they pay quicker (within two weeks as they pay twice a month) and seem to be much easier. The other thing with Service Sleuth - I've always had to go after them for pay.
I always request assignments ONLY from the Service Sleuth website. If there is a problem I use the 'Help/Contact' from the Shop Log on the Service Sleuth site. I have always understood their pay cycle to be 90 days from shop and always been paid within that time frame. My work is FOR Service Sleuth, NOT for Kern. I am contracting with Service Sleuth, not with Kern. I am paid by Service Sleuth, not Kern. If Service Sleuth chooses to use Kern as their scheduler, that is THEIR problem and I do not intend to make it mine.

By going directly to the MSP website and addressing issues through the MSP website I know that there is a record on the system of the issues whereas outside schedulers seem to have a nasty habit of losing or not responding to emailed issues and indicating that there never was an attempt at a contact. This is not just specifically addressed to Kern and is not always the case by far, even with Kern. After all these years of doing jobs where Kern was the scheduler, my Shop Log with Kern is absolutely empty. Some Kern schedulers are very quick and responsive, but some aren't, so I stick to my pattern.
I go on the Service Sleuth site to find jobs and apply there. Since you are not required to go through Kern, see no good reason to do that, just gets confusing...I Always go through the MSC when I'm able.

Live consciously....
I actually enjoyed the Service Sleuths Movie Theatre shop more than I did the Service Checks....SS was just easier...much easier than SC's movie theatre requirements...
I have never had a problem with Kern.. just the opposite. I have had a few shops with them.... always had great correspondence and pay was good. I had a problem with the pdf download when I took a shop from Service Sleuth and my average is abt 7. I will take shops from Serivce Sleuth but I emailed and got no reply. I would have to say I would rather deal with Kern only due to the correspondence. I got an answer quickly from Kern but not at all from Service Sleuth.
I have the 800 number to Service Sleuth and if I have a problem I call directly and get it resolved. Here is the number 1-800-723-1150. I hope this helps someone.
I just scheduled a restaurant through their site, but it was Kern that responded back......

Live consciously....
When I have an unresolved problem, and I am absolutely sure I am right, I just ask to be removed from their list and normally, they start listening if you have maintained a very good record.

There are many mystery shopping companies around who value their shoppers. Write them and normally if they are professionally maintained, you will get some resolution to your problems. But you have to keep at it and if they value you, they will try to resolve it. Respect begets respect.
It has been my experience that going through Kern can sometimes affect the shop pay out. The pay being a little better if you assign directly with the company in question.

D. from Nova Scotia
Kern schedules for many Mystery Shop companies. If you know the company of the shop that they post, you can go directly to that company's site, register, and apply for any available shop posted there.

D. from Nova Scotia
That may or may not be true. Although Kern may schedule for a company - the company can choose to have Kern just use their (Kern's) job board. Some of the opportunities Kern schedules are for smaller companys that don't even have job boards.


dwiley Wrote:
> Kern schedules for many Mystery Shop companies. If
> you know the company of the shop that they post,
> you can go directly to that company's site,
> register, and apply for any available shop posted
> there.
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