Has anyone had a problem submitting a receipt for TNS? I attached it just as I normally do and it doesn't show up in my submitted report. I tried over & over but it still doesn't show up. I let them know the problem but no response as of yet.

Any help is appreciated.

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I use their ClientSmart website for reporting and am not aware of any way to review either the photos uploaded (I hope) or the receipt upload. I sent one in yesterday and it looked the same as usual. I have never gotten any grief and certainly would have if the receipt or photos didn't go through. So I just check for a day or so while it is "In Review" until I can see my score.
It just kept having "receipt not reported" in red but I just checked & it finally went through & I got a 10.

Thanks bunches.
Yes, I saw that notation in red as well and blithely decided it was a programming error since I had not yet attempted to submit my receipt :-) I just figured everything would go through as usual and the notation was not my problem. Mine is still "in review".
Wonder if that is just there way of saying it had not been reviewed or verified.

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Standardly with their shops on the ClientSmart website, when it is assigned you have a 'docs' to review before it goes into 'ready to shop' mode. Once you submit it is 'in review' until it is edited and marked 'completed'. At that point you can see your ratings on the shop. I only did my shop yesterday so I suspect it will be Monday or Tuesday before it is reviewed. I trust that if there are issues I will be contacted. It is overall not a really comfortable system to work with as photos are extremely slow to upload and often a simple page turn from a one question 'page' may take a while. But it works, it is what is available and I do get paid.
Huh, Flash my pictures always go through in just a few seconds. But this time it took six days for Staci to approve my shop. I did it on the 2nd. I think she must work from home because she reviewed it after my original post this morning. I had applied for 5 shops Thurs. and didn't get them and I think it was probably the problem with my receipt not being accepted by their website. I know you will, but be sure & check yours often, Flash so you won't miss out on other shops as I did.
Unfortunately they are down to only 1 shop in my area, so I only get to work with them every 90 days. It is a pity because I do like the shops and I like working with Staci.
I have not seen any shops here for ages, but received an email from my Vegas
MSC, offering a Timeshare to do for TNS...MSC's here partner with QSI out of Vegas, but wonder what happened to all their shops here.

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The convenience stores just came up for an area 30 - 40 miles from me, but they used to offer about 5 closer to me - go figure.
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