International Service Check Job Posts - annoyed!

I'm registered with ISC and have passed available certification & have desired locations/zip codes listed.

They have a lot of postings in my area for DC/MD/VA on volition, but I can't find a damned thing on their site. Anyone else have this problem?

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I have never seen anything listed on their site. As far as I know, all offers are made via email.
They email jobs when they are available within your radius. I find them good about it, and have never found anything on their website.

Live consciously....
All the shops I did for ISC were sent by email. I don't think they have a listng on the website. I think the schedulers have a list of regular shoppers who they offer the shops.
I just got 4 emails from them. They always give just the postal code and area and I ended up with a high-end shop again. I find it's double work for me as I
have to look as if I could really afford attires in thousands. lol But some of their assignments are very interesting.

Try and contact the scheduler who contacted you before.
They do NOT have a job board on their website. Their jobs are offered by email invitations ONLY and are sent as a result of a zip code search. You can either respond to the scheduler that sent you the invitation or you can just ignore the invitation. The sooner you respond, [assuming you want to pursue that particular visit] the better your chances of actually getting the shop; as there are many shoppers but usually they only have several available shops in each location. Their LUXURY shops have a MUCH HIGHER PAY SCALE and are FUN TO DO! You just need to go through their qualifying interview then you are eligible for ALL of their LUXURY SHOPS.
isc is a legit company there are a lot of unsatisfied complaints unresolved from them. My experience has been somewhat good but i have had two real intelligent ladies behind me. Mon Cheree' and Libby both are good handlers they will not forget you if you work for them.
Please conform to forum protocol and add a permanent sig line that will appear on EVERY post, stating your company affilitation, position, and contact info. Company reps are welcome if they follow this forum protocol, but shoppers want and demand to know whether an endoresment of an MSC is coming from a shopper or a company affiliate!

Based in MD, near DC
Shopping from the Carolinas to New York
Have video cam; will travel

Poor customer service? Don't get mad; get video.

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I like the company but their job alert system has become frustrating. 70% of the time I immediately reply to their email I get an email back that the job is already taken.
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