The Training Factor Rocks!

I submitted my report on 2/4 and receive a check in the mail today with bonus, as promised! Paying on time. It can be done!

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I've only completed 1 job for this MSC, an apt. video shop; I was paid in 5 wks., which was acceptable.
I just signed up with them thanks to this post, but I see there are "0" jobs listed under "opportunities" for the whole US. That seems odd. Is there a certain time of the month the jobs come out?
dude, they are on the MSJobBoard.

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Have to disagree that they "rock". I find them (their two main players) to be quite rude and unresponsive. Even clarification on procedural questions, and confirmation that files are received are handled with sarcastic responses. They make mistakes and then are nasty when it is brought to their attention. I don't know about whether or not they pay on time yet because it's too soon. So far, I'm NOT impressed. There are so many pleasant people to work with...who needs sarcastic and nasty!
Lou I am one of the VP's of The Training Factor and I would like to address your concern. Can you please email me at regarding this matter? We pride ourselves on our professionalism and customer service. Please email me when you can regarding who you were dealing with at our company and the correspondence you had.

Thank you
Jonathan Saar
The Training Factor

I very much appreciate your willingness to discuss and address issues within your company. I will be in touch privately.
Thanks Jonathan -

It's always great to see representatives from the different MSC's coming into the forum and working to make things better and resolve possible/potential issues that we shoppers may have!

I for one, really appreciate it! Now.. if y'all only had jobs in my neck of the woods! *Laugh*

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hi their. I like this guy captain jack sparrow. please e-mail me. I am still new with only one company under my belt. I would like to check in to this one. my e-mail is limmiejudd@yahoo...................thank,s
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