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I just did my first two gas station shops for them yesterday. I was a little confused that there was a purchase requirement, yet no need to upload the receipt. But, they asked for the specific purchase and amount in the survey. I could not find anywhere saying if the purchase would be reimbursed, but am assuming they will because they asked for the amount. So, do they reimburse at all or up to a certain level?

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You need a receipt. There should have been a spot or upload both on the same screen.
It is covered for the item such as pop any size from self serve is fine.
I am sure at the top of the survey it said in CAPS, DO NOT upload a receipt as it is not needed. Oh well, I'll be interested to see what happens.
some of their gas stations dont need a receipt and they will reimburse it, usually up to $1. Sometimes it's only 50 cents.

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the shops were rather easy to complete. at least you don't have to take pictures of every single gas pump like some other gas station shops that i occasionally perform for other MSCs. and, yea, what is up with their bonus increases??? twenty five cents at a time? like that is going to make me jump on a shop??? get real ritter....i actually called and asked for a specific bonus amount and the scheduler agreed.
I used to like their convenience store shops - easy, unrevealed for $8. That Co, dropped them. The new ones today (different convenience store) are $9, revealed with a million pictures. Oh my, too much for $9.
I'm doing my first shop with them this week. I've never seen a convenience store or gas station for my area though. Sometimes I feel like I'm in this black hole for shops. I'll trade you a gas station for a nature store. smiling smiley
Their shops are really easy! I love them, great company.

The ones that you have to buy but no receipt needed...small purchase will be reimbursed up to 50 cents. Some you have to buy one of the items on sale and a lottery ticket...reimbursed...some of the gas stations you have to make a small purchase...no reimbursment. sad smiley It is a toss up. LOL.
I REALLY like Ritter,jschilz. You'll enjoy working with them. I'm just bummed with them because of the client they recently lost - and added a new one (both conveience stores) with 10 times the requirements and only $1.00 more. Oh well, maybe they'll add more clients in the future! But their pay is always on time (last day of month) and it is easy to get help from them if needed.
Always better to upload a receipt that is not required than to not upload a receipt that is required.

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