Second to None Website Issues

Has anyone had a problem. I have gone in on different days for the past week or two and am unable to find jobs, it says searching for results after I submit my parameters and never gives me the list of jobs. I have shopped for them for years and never had a problem before.

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are you able to search for new jobs? i can look at assigned jobs and invoices but can't use the find jobs function.

Phoebe70 Wrote:
> I haven't had any problems with the site. I have
> one job scheduled for today.
I just tried for the sake of this thread...I found jobs...5 in fact which is unusual for this area.
Wow 4 pages! I am lucking to see 6 jobs in my area and I am not old enough for most of them.

Phoebe70 Wrote:
> Yes, I searched this morning and found 4 pages of
> jobs in my area.
thanks for checking secret agent mom and phoebe 70. i just tried again and something that is normally filled out by default somehow became blank so it works now.
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