I just looked at their job board and saw a phone shop I wanted to apply for. When I hit the Accept button it goes to a page saying to contact the scheduler. However, there is no e-mail address for the scheduler. Has anyone experienced this ridiculous and unprofessional situation?

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Yes I have. There should be a scheduler e-mail / Read the guidelines and you should get it. Is it worth the trouble, maybe not.
I've been with BMA a few years and have enjoyed my assignments although few and far between. Not sure if this will help, but my last assignment was through the contact below.

Kim Dambach
Coast to Coast Scheduling Services, Inc.
Scheduling on behalf of BMA
cynb -- It was a good paying gig and I believe I looked at the guidelines but didn't see any contact info. It's been several days since I saw it so I won't pursue it now.
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