A Top Shop - BEWARE!

This company owes me $120 reimbursements plus $20 in fees for two bar compliance shops I performed for them in February 2012.

I am getting the same runaround from Lori Reeve, owner: "My client has not paid me in January, February or March for the shops."

Well, I'm steamed. Her problem with the hotel chain is NOT my problem.

I'm going to file a BBB complaint on May 1 if this is not resolved. Then it's off to small claims court, even if I have to travel to Colorado. Seriously.

She's got quite the history on various MS forums - I did not see these (they date back to 2003!) when I agreed to do the bar shops.

So - I will continue to post regarding A Top Shop so that other shoppers do not meet the same fate.

The "A Top Shop" website's Prophet security certificate is no longer valid, and I can't get the website (atopshop.com) to load.

Can we please remove this shop from the list of MS companies on this forum? I would hate for other shoppers to suffer the same fate.

Also - any advice would be welcome.

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Went through this last year and had to threaten suit. Did eventually get paid...eventually. I see they are still offering shops via iSecretShop. Best of luck to you!
ISpy -

Yes, that's the most aggravating part of this: Lori Reeve has admitted to me in emails several times that the hotel chain is not paying her - BUT she is still offering the shops online.

In another discussion regarding Franchise Compliance, this type of behavior was called "predatory."

That's the perfect word - predatory.
Several months ago, I had to call Lori about a sizable reimbursement that was overdue. She promised to email me as soon as she got back to the office, but I never heard from her. However, I was paid a few days later.

I'd say give her some time. I know it sucks waiting to be reimbursed, but February wasn't that long ago.
Thanks for the heads up!!!...this msc has a really high $300.00 reimbursement shop at the nation's top chain who cleans drains. You know the one with that television fancy jingle. Glad I never shopped for these people.

Hope that client switches to a more reputable msc....
I certainly would not tie up $300 of my hard-earned cash in this company.

Wish I had done a long-term search before I committed nearly $200 (I also did a shop in March) to A Top Shop.

I did a deep-history search on the MSC, and it turned up non-payment issues with virtually the same problems I had for 2003, 2009, 2010, and 2011. I only searched recent history when I agreed to do the shops. Hard lesson to learn.

Maybe this will help some other shopper in the future. (I applied for Franchise Compliance and nearly accepted a $200 job, but was warned away by this forum. Thanks!)
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