Dear Service Check

I see that you keep pushing back this month's payment date. However, if my report isn't in by 4pm, you cancel the assignment and issue me a citation. How can I issue you a citation?

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I use do one of their warehouse shops but stopped when they added "more" that the shopper had to do in the store and didn't "add" to the fee. There was already enough for us shoppers to do without adding more and not compensate for it.

I really miss them though because there is one right down the street from where I live that I go to ALL THE TIME for personal shopping. sad smiley

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Still wanting for my payment too. I guess someone at Stop-the-Check bet the payroll so we have to wait for a hot streak to get paid.
***Please note, March shops will be paid on or by Tuesday 5/29. We apologize for the inconvenience!***

Lies, lies and more lies. This is like the 4th postponement.
At first it was the 22nd once the 15th passed. Then they changed it to the 25th. Now, it is the 29th.
Hopefully things will be fixed so I can be paid in June for my April shops; need my reimbursement money for my other shops! sad smiley

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart..."
March shops just paid via PayPal! This completes all my March outstanding invoices.

Notation says April Service Check shops will pay June 15th.
AustinMom ~ Boy, you are quick! I just logged on so I could give almost the same exact update. Great minds think alike! :-)

I also got my Service Sleuth/HS Brands International missing payment from March 2nd after a nicely worded e-mail and follow-up phone call. Zero balance for March now. :-D

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I just got notified by paypal that two deposits for March are in my account.
Right on time according to my pay schedule.

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lbarlbar Wrote:
> I just got paid on Service Check.
> Never have had a problem.

Technically it can't be spot on when they changed the date several times. I just saying. Glad we all got paid.
They always pay although they are slow. In fact, since Intelliquest shortened its pay period in response to shopper comments, Intelliquest now pays faster than Service Check. For the last few months, they have been my last MSC for the month to pay.

edited to say: OOOOOPPPPSSS! Not Intelliquest, Intellishop!

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So I needed to vent.

Like many Americans, I went away for the holiday weekend. Sometime on Thursday, I received an email from one of their editors stating that they needed to clarify something and to have it submitted by midnight that day.

Well, the shop was over a week old, long gone from my mind.

Come Friday, I receive a "final warning" email at around 9am, less than 24 hours from when they contacted me.

Not that it would matter anyways, because I hadn't completed any shops for any MSC the week leading up to my trip because I didn't want to have to worry about them. I had no intentions of even checking my email while I was having my drink out of a coconut or pineapple on the beaches of Hawaii.

So Tuesday, I receive a call from a very irrate sounding editor telling me that if I didn't log in ASAP and fix my corrections, that I was going to be removed from the company. Mind you I didn't even listen to this message until 10pm and there were no computers at the condo I was staying at.

Once we land back on the mainland the next morning, I return her call and quickly tell her "hi. this anonymous girl. I got your message but I haven't been online since last Wednesday. I can clarify my report in the next three hours once I get home."

Wel, she RUDELY tells me "you know what. I was about 5 minutes away from deactivating you. This is just not acceptable. We have been trying to contact you since last week. You are very lucky that you called me and that I have to step out anyways and can't get to the report. if I didn't have to step out, I would deactivate you now."

Shocked, all I could say were two things. One, I could have cursed her out for her NASTY attitude in regards to a shop that I'd turned in over a week before she decided to edit it and a shop that was turned in about 4 hours after completing it."

Instead I said "I understand. You will have my report soon"

I was blown away by what happened next. She said "yeah. If I don't have it by noon forget about it because I'm deactivating you"

I attempted to say.."ok have a good rest of the morning" but couldn't because she got off the phone right after her statement.

This really bothered me, especially because the mistake was very minor. I put "AM" instead of "pm" on the shop form, but put "PM" in the body of the report. I also mentioned that it was dark outside and that the outside lighting was on and in working condition.

Was her nasty attitude really necessary? Why couldn't she fix her timing on her end?

How long after submitting a report must we wait for an MSC to reply to us in order for us to move on from that shop? 7+ days seems like an outrageous amount of time for an editor to assume that we are still waiting for them to give us feedback. All my other MSC's give feedback 3 days max, which is why I did not shop the week leading up to my trip, as I wanted to avoid this.
I am sorry you had it rough. I can't imagine them getting back to you so late they usually are so prompt. My last two reports were back with questions within 24 hours and it was my fault both times. I hate getting a 9 (it's a personal thing....Perfectionist). Anyway I have always found them to be excellent to work for. They have taught me alot of information that was so helpful in completing reports.
I am owed for two jobs, but they still have time. I have worked for them a long time and know they are slow paying, nothing new.

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Probably the most common complaint after not being able to reach schedulers in a timely manner, is this one. I don't even have a suggestion of what any of us can do about the issue. Some companies make a point of saying we must be available for follow up for 24 or 48 hours after submission. That doesn't mean they won't contact us weeks later and tell us we have 12 to 24 hours to respond.

The only time I ever asked a company the response was, "We suggest you don't complete shops for at least 2 weeks prior to leaving on vacation." Really?

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AGirl. I think that this is totally unacceptable language from a scheduler. Let us keep in mind that there are now a lot of indie schedulers and possiby many that should not be doing this kind of work.
When shoppers respond I have worked for them and no problem does not help this particular situation. You very well may have been working with another scheduler.
I would just not take any shops from them unless it is a different scheduler.
Let us all remember, without decent shoppers, they would not have a job. Do not put up with this.
Just received pay through paypal for two jobs, one for June and one for July,
I like that they put them together.

Live consciously....

Live consciously....

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International Service check I did 5 cell phone shops and got paid for 1 of them umm heck no! Cheree you better pay me!
Kaley, although the names are similar, the company being discussed in this thread is Service Check. International Service Check is a different company.
I'm considering doing a reimbursement grocery shop for this company. After reading this thread I'm a bit nervous. Does this company pay and if so what are the terms? I would be devastated to do a reimbursement shop and not be paid.
I was paid on 1/11 by Paypal for all November shops. This is the e-mail sent by them to notify me of the PayPal payment:

"Note from Service Check:

Enclosed you will find your COMBINED payment for all Mystery Shops completed in the month of November 2012. All December 2012 shops will be paid on Feb. 15th. Please do not reply to this e-mail. **Thank you for being a valued contractor for Service Check."
They pay like clockwork - their clock is just a little slower than most clocks.....I like the grocery shop.
This thread is old but I wanted to say I just signed up with and am reading all the goodies here. So far it seems they DO pay, even though you have to wait a bit.

They have a few shops in my area. I might check them out.

smiling smiley
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