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Yes, they have been around a long time. I used to work with them a lot but not so much lately.
Thanks Flash, we can always depend on you! I found them on a search for mystery shop companies in Georgia and they were not on Jacob's list. I found it is better to check them out before giving personal information as anybody can claim to be a MSC to get info.
I'll vouch for them as well. All the shops I've done for them are straight forward, and they pay in or under 30 days. Only downside is that they pay only by paper check, but that's just a mild inconvenience for me. Definitely not a reason to not do business with them.
If you check the list that the link at the bottom of each page takes you to, Informa is there in the lower list. But certainly best to ask if you aren't finding anything with the "Search" either.
I'm not picking up anything now but a few months ago I was doing a lot of work for Informa. They are very good to work with and pay is regular and accurate.

Mary Davis Nowell. Based close to Fort Worth. Shopping Interstate 20 east and west, Interstate 35 north and south.
Thanks all! I have signed up and been notified of shops. Yeah! I go through spells of signing up for new companies and as you all know it can be rather frustrating. You sign up for many to reap a few. Today I am 1 for 5, not to bad I guess.
So anyone else know on the bank jobs if you have to re certify through a non paid training hour phone call every single time?
The bank shop is not more for sure. In fact less. And then with an hour on the phone for free....
I think you are talking about some other company. Bank Phone shops pay $25 and it takes less than 5 minutes of your time.
No sbrahma different amount and I will not post the amount to violate an ICA>

Money or not my question originally was.............
is a training call required before each shop.

SO did you do a training call before any of yours and did you repeat it?

I am guessing this is a NEW platform shop.
I just finished one today (in bank). No training by phone or website. Straight forward type with excellent communication from Informa. Pay was very good.

I did a few bank shops last year for them and had the same communication. I have never had to do training. I would recommend them.

Are you thinking of the investment shops that are offered by a scheduler? Those require a phone training session.
This was regular platform and new. Pay was not fantastic but sure OK. But if i have to do a phone first eveytime no way. Bet there was over 100 people on that call.
They do bank jobs, I have done them, but lately they haven't much in my area. Never had a problem with them. Their headquarters are where I lived for years, knowing the building and that have been there for so many years is
always a thumbsup.

Live consciously....
The two most recent waves of Informa bank and CU shops in my area have been at lower pay rates than in the past. I have chosen not to do these based on the reduced fees, but I have always found Informa to be a good company to work with.

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Have done many shops for them. One of the best-paying companies. Very helpful schedulers. This is a phone shop. Reach a specific target, record the call. I am running into some difficulties reaching the target (the downside to target shops) but the company is helpful and fair.
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