Customer Service Profiles - I hate your website

I just performed my first shop for them on what I guess is their new website. I can't stand it. I was really confused trying to enter the report and trying to upload the business card. I tried to review the report, but it didn't show anything. Oh well - I submitted it and hopefully it went through. The last time I did work for them I was paid by I see they are using at least that is an improvement.

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Any recent feedback for this company? I used the link from here but can't find how to sign up with them.
I think I accepted an assignment with yur company. Can you provide a good web address? I think it had "service" in

I suggest you drop the "text talk" in communicating with or about mystery shopping companies. The word is "your" not "yur." (possibly it was a typo, and your letter O stuck, but get in the habit of proofreading what you write because excellent writing and grammar skills are required by most MSCs)

If you don't know who you accepted a job with, we can't help you. There are lots of MSC's with the word "service" in their names. Did you get a confirmation email? You posted to a thread about Customer Service Profiles. If you think that is the company, google that name and find the link that way.

You can also peruse the Official List of Mystery Shopping Companies at the bottom of this page, maybe one of them will ring a bell.

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