Mintel - entry problems

I am having trouble entering my survey. I begin entering the survey and get through the first two questions and then where the questions were, the screen is just blank. I have tried a couple of times. Also, on the line where it says date and time performed it says 3:26 am on July 1st. The assignment was to be completed in June and due on July 1st. I did it at 6:33 this evening, June 30th, but was never asked when I completed it.

Any suggestions???? I have already messaged the help desk, but maybe someone here has had this issue before.

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I had a similar situation not too long ago and was told that the date/time they had automatically entered. Huh? Mine was off by several days. I did note it in the comments box at the bottom of the page.

I also ran into the issue of the question being present but no answer area. It was suggested that I might need to just refresh the page. I went back to the website and logged in and voila, the answer spaces were available to me.

I find generally that I get the quickest response by just using the contact link with the survey.
Left for an hour and thne came back. No troubles now! Was just worried about it being late over a weekend and not sure if I would have a chance to get to it on Monday.
Glad the problem resolved itself. I found Mintel to be super flexible in working with shoppers and they will answer emails and fix any software issues.

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I tried to sign up for Mintel. I did not understand the Standard International Format when you put in your phone number.
I looked up their information, but couldn't figure it out. Does anyone know how to do this?

1-781-594-7386 (fake number)I don't know how to do this.

I understand Country code (us 1) City or area code, local phone number.
Are there shops in Massachusetts?

US 12/13/2013
UK 13/12/2013
Iso 2013-12-13
13 Dec 2013 (Uk Text)
Sorry for replying to such an old thread, but I just started working for Mintel, so naturally I did a search. I figured I would reply and maybe someone could benefit if they don't know the answer themselves smiling smiley

Shopper8, you enter the phone number as follows: +1 781 594 7386
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