Does anyone have any info or comments about Reflections MS? I got an email directly from them regarding "fun Sports Bar shops" at a well-known national chain. I was about to fill out the shopper application but it was not on a secure https site.

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I do a well-known casual dining shop for them and they are terrific to work for and pretty good about paying. For instance I did a dining shop on 6/15 and received payment 7/3.

I flaked on one of my assignments and thought I had a lunch/dinner shop when it was a breakfast shop and the scheduler was very accommodating to changing the due date.
They only have one shop here, but several locations, so I usually have a single shop with them every other month. But, I have shopped with them for years. The shop I do, they pay reimbursement at a nice family restaurant. Payments come via paypal fairly quick. If I do one a month, it's just a turnover of funds.
I've only worked with them twice because they only have one assignment in my area, but they were good to work with.
When I signed up, it says no records online. So does that mean they only e-mail you when they have shops in your area? That's fine, except when I travel. Oh well.

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They do e-mjail you when jobs come up. When you log in, if there are jobs you will see them. If there are currently no job, you will see "no records online."
I would recommend them. I did a lot of their national chain casual restauarants in the past.

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There is no link here to "More Discussions", but I used "Search" for this MSP, and got previous posts. However, I did not find them in the official list.

They've had nothing in my area, and I've been registered quite a long time. On their site, I wasn't able to find a way to search outside my area for shops, for use when I'm traveling. sad smiley
Hmmm, I'm registered with them, but haven't seen any emails for this national casual restaurant chain. Now I'm curious. We've got one of just about everything here. Would love to get some more places I can get a yummy breakfast at.
I haven't seen the breakfast place in over a year. But they did just get a new account here in town and I shopped them for dinner. Very good. This is a good company but with few clients so jobs are few and far between.
I miss them here in Houston. I used to hit my quarterly limit quickly when new shops came out. I haven't seen anything from them in over a year, though, but they were easy shops and I guess I ate so much that they assumed I had a second party with me...

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They still do show the breakfast place on their website in the training area even though I haven't see postings for it in over a year, so it could be that they do still have the client. I keep hoping they will be shopped again .... I particularly liked the late-night ones .... mmmmm, breakfast at midnight, mmmm.....
Apparently I was wrong, we don't have one of EVERYTHING in my little town. We do not have one of those. Oh well.......
I just put in for one of their shops and hoping to get it! They sound good to work for so I thought I would give it a go.
They are very nice. Reimbursement is a reasonable amount - they don't spring for top of the menu but you have enough money that you don't have to scrimp, you eat a nice meal. The report is reasonable, and I have never heard back from them and have never had a problem of any kind. My only problem with them is they don't have enough jobs in my area.
I am a scheduler for this company, I just signed up last night and noticed that they did not have us on their list of companies. I contacted JacobJ and we are on there now.

For the shopper that said that you travel. Please contact me if you go anywhere, we are more than happy to look and see if you are going where we have other locations!

If you are a registered shopper with us, please log into your account, after awhile your account may become inactive if we do not have shops in your area.

My name is Rachel and you email me at Rachel at Reflections MS dot com

Hi, Rachel and welcome! - I've been doing Reflections for a couple years now and love working with your company. Is Joanne Holland no longer scheduling? I've enjoyed working with her.
I have performed several [client] shops for this company. They reimburse but don't pay an additional fee. I was paid in about 20 days through PayPal.
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Welcome Ann. You need to edit out the name of the client from your post. It is a violation of your agreement with the MSC.
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