premier service inc

Has anyone worked for them and got paid . How do they pay you. They havework for me this week is it safe.

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Sorry - can't say that I have!

Directly below your post is a light blue box with blue text (link). It says, "More Discussions About Premier Service Inc" - click on that link and it should give you some more information regarding the company.

Most companies pay 30-45-60-90 days AFTER your survey is accepted, as long as there are no deductions for lateness, having to contact you, etc. Normal payments from MSC's are paypal and direct deposit. Some companies may still send out checks.

Good luck! Hopefully someone can help you.

Oh - and you should have been keeping a *spreadsheet* of all of the companies you've signed up with. That spreadsheet should have log in info (urls, UN & PW), pay schedule, contact information, etc.

You are keeping spreadsheets for your information - and jobs, right? (you can use the "search" function and type in "spreadsheet" - that will help you find info on spreadsheets/record keeping.

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I have worked for them for over seven years. They pay on time and are reliable. They do require extensive narratives though.
In my experience, these guys are one of the most reliable. I've been very pleased with payment schedule as well as the "reliability" for shops. They are one of my mainstays!
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