Kudos to Shared Insight

I just finished my first shop for them today. It was a photo audit and it was a small location, so not all of the required pictures really fit what was in the store. I had a quick response via both e-mail and a phone message and was able to call him back and do a review before submitting. Very pleasant and helpful on the phone. I got a thank you on the phone and via e-mail.

The pay for the audit fell in the average to slightly above average range. As long as they pay on schedule, I would gladly shop for them again.

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Nice to hear.

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I'm still waiting to do a shop for them. They have some great client companies in my area but I'm not fast enough to snatch them up.
They were Retail Eyes. I have never done a shop for them under either name, though I have been registered for years.
I just completed my first assignment with Shared Insight and I could not have been more pleased. It was for a restaurant. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. While there was an 84 questions survey, it was very easy. The narratives were appropriate for each section. I especially liked that each narrative box had it's own character counter AND spell check. It made the narratives very easy. They have some other compelling retail clients I hope to shop in the future. I can't speak to their speed of payment, yet.
I have done six shops for them in one year and I do not like their 84 questions with narratives, and broken down section by section. At the end of each section, there is an additional overall comment and step by step narrative. I find it annoying that I had already dissected each interaction and then have to sum it all up again at the end. I keep taking them because I am slowly accessorizng my house with each shop.

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I did my first shop with them and the report was adequate for the reimbursement and more importantly payment was timely per their guidelines. Now that I received my first payment, I will be looking for more of their shops in my area.
I did 3 shops so far and 2 were paid promptly and awaiting payment for the other one.

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cubbiecat Wrote:
> I find it annoying that I had already dissected each interaction and then have to sum it all up again
> at the end. I keep taking them because I am slowly accessorizng my house with each shop.

I haven't signed with Shared Insight yet (although I plan to shortly, based on reviews here).

But, I always find that annoying, too ~ no matter which MSC it is. You give a detailed description, as asked, for each section/interaction/whatever... and *then* have to give a overall narrative as well. Sometimes they even say to not repeat yourself. *sigh*

I like the sounds of shops where you can accessorize your house, though!

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I actually had a very bad experience with Shared Insight. They called me and asked if I could do a job for them. It was my first time doing a secret shop, I didn't even sign up with Shared insight, they called me. I signed up for the job and they gave me a quiz. For some technicality I couldn't pass the quiz, so they called me back to get me the job. I did everything they asked on the job, with one exception. The job stated that we must go to the bar before or after the meal. We made our reservations in the time given, visited the restaurant, had our over priced meal, took all the important notes, however when our meal was over we went to visit the bar. The bar was closed. I called to let them know about my situation, even offering to go back to the bar the next day. They basically said they couldn't accept it and that I should have known that the bar would close significatly earlier than the restaurant. That is BS. We are now out of $100 for a meal we never would have spent that kind of money on. It was sub par on most aspects and not worth that kind of money. Shared insight didn't even give me an opportunity to fix something that wasn't even my fault. I wish I had the same response as you!
I've only done one shop for them, earlier this month. They have very little in my area but I love their clients, especially the yogurt company!

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My favorite is their home decor shops...they pay timely. Once they needed a clarification and they called me, which took a minute to resolve. The editor was really nice. The yogurt shop is yummy! I have not taken their FD because the closest one is an hour away.

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