Strategic Reflections


Did not see any information on Strategic Reflection via the search feature or the company listing, so let me try the direct approach: Has anyone worked with them & impressions (good and bad)?
I am in my 3rd month of MS and trying to tread the waters carefully.

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Good Folks. They pay like clockwork...grinning smiley

Shopping Bama and parts of Georgia.
I'm still learning 24/7.
I don't know why they're not listed here. Jacob?

I agree that they're an excellent company. Straightforward guidelines and reports, payment as stated.
I've been with this MSC for 4 1/2 yrs. and have completed 145 jobs, all free of the slightest hitch. Along additional positive lines, in that time I've only been contacted once by an editor, my pay has never been late and they have a toll free number that's answered by a human.
They only have a couple of shops in my area, but I've done them, and they were straight-forward & fairly easy shops, with fairly easy reports. I was paid on time, unprompted! So they're OK in my book, too.

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Hi there....

They don't have much in my area, but I sign for what I can fit in my schedule because their reports are fairly simple with short narrative... and they pay on schedule.
As long as you don't question them or turn down a job they want you to do.....if you do you will find yourself "inactivated".....
I disagree with nanabelle. I have gone back and forth with schedulers and they are professional and resonable. The scenarios and reports are fairly easy to do. They pay timely. I have no problem with this msc.

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nanabelle Wrote:
> As long as you don't question them or turn down a
> job they want you to do.....if you do you will
> find yourself "inactivated".....

HI there... I've turned down work with this MSC before and it hasn't been a problem. When they call, they never offer bonuses, and I simply say, "I am not headed that direction for the next few days." If I am headed in their direction within the next few days, I accept the request.
I do a lot of shops for them and they don't give you a hard time. They pay like clockwork and their checks are good so yu don't have to worry about them. They call me to do shops that atre in myarea and I will do them if I can but they have never threatened me or anything negative. I sometimes cvall them to get a special shop and they do their best to accomidate me.
I did two jobs for them, wish they had more...everything went smoothly, go for it, although pay was a bit low.

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I've done shops for them for several years. They only have two companies in my area, a restaurant and a clothing store, so I sometimes have to wait "90 days" before I can shop again or drive too far. My only complaint... occasionally (and this happened yesterday), I will get a call from them. (Not very often. ) So I grab the phone - hoping I'm getting a shop I've been trying to get and it is a recording saying "if you want to speak with a scheduler, press 1". So I press 1 and I get "thank you for calling Strategic Reflections, how may I help you?" I say "You called me." She proceeds to ask for my zip code, than my name, etc. And then asks are you interested in doing so-n-so shop and I say "YES" (this is the shop I've been trying to get - I'm hoping there is now a bonus). Next thing I hear..., "you just did this shop 60 days ago, you can't do it, thanks!" And she hangs up!!

Why the blank did they (the computer) call me?

Shopping off and on for 20+ years in NE Arkansas.
Well I have limited experience with this company and the experience I do have was not favorable. No response to questions, sent me an email saying the first and 'only' job I was to do was deleted because I did not do it, however, this message came 2 days before the actual date I was supposed to do the assignment, they said they called BOTH my phone numbers and could not get me, totally not true I only have one phone number and my only phone is an iPhone always on. No recent calls showed up on my phone that I did not recognize, when they said they called not true, no voice mail, no nothing. So I guess I will delete them from my list of MSCs.
they are/were hit or miss for me. I didn't like to do the clothing shop for the little amount of pay....when they called and I said i would gladly do for a bonus.....I got "deactivated"! oh it looks like I'm glad I did, a recorded shop offer would not set well with me.
What kind of casual restaurant do they have? Is is a burger place or what type of food? American? Mexican? Asian?
I do a lot of shops for them too. I enjoy their healthy eating casual restaurants!smiling smiley among others...
OK. I finally got the spam email from Private Eyes. It is spam because I have never signed up with Private Eyes. What makes it even more ridiculous is I am already signed up with the client's database.

Since it is spam, I have no qualms about posting the content here.


Hello, Shopper.

One of our largest clients has asked us to recruit shoppers to their site for the areas where they have the highest shopper demands.
From the world's most famous designer boutiques, to movie theaters, to fine and casual dining (even deliveries), they have great shops and really need your help!

Applying with them in the following manner will guarantee approval of your registration, and Private Eyes' shoppers will get first preference.
Please do the following, and be sure to follow these specific directions if you want your registration to be approved:

To begin the simple sign up, go to: []
In the "Other Background Information" section (under "How did you hear about us?"winking smiley, you MUST choose "Private Eyes".
Submit your application, and it will then be processed knowing that Private Eyes has instructed you to sign up. Only shoppers that receive this email will know to choose "Private Eyes" as an option.

Again, you MUST choose "Private Eyes" under "How did you hear about us?" for your registration to be immediately processed and get first preference.

*IF you are already an NSS shopper, in "My NSS Lobby" simply click on "Click here if you were referred" and enter this email address.*

It's that easy!

In 1972, National Shopping Service started out as a small private investigation firm, owned and operated by a retired police officer in Orange County, CA. After 40 successful years, National Shopping Service has developed into one of the world's premier mystery shopping providers and continues to provide a dynamic suite of innovative customer and employee research services to its clients.

We look forward to working with you again! smiling smiley
I have done work for Strategic Reflections, quite awhile ago. I did not have any problem with any aspect. They do not seem to have much work around me anymore.
I got one of the robo calls. I did press "1" and I was greeted with who are you, you want the shop, etc. I said you called me, tell me about the shop. This scheduler was very annoyed when I asked for information about the shop. She called me!! I had no knowledge of the shop. I stated I would think about completing the shop, but I need to have the site address. The scheduler hung up on me saying do not call me if you don't plan on taking the shop???

I did complete the shop because I liked the restaurant. The reimbursement that was offered did not cover the required purchase. I questioned this and I was told I could take the additional out of the generous $7 fee!! I was then told if I didn't like it she would deactivate my account. I told her that the instructions should be changed to state that the reimbursement does not cover the required purchase, then I could make a decision if I still want to complete the shop.

Today I tried to login to the site, my site I guess has been deactivated. That is the most unprofessional way to treat a shopper I have ever encountered. I have met the President of the company at an IMSC conference and she is one of the nicest people I have ever met. I am sure it is a scheduler issue as both encounters have been with the same scheduler. JXXX was very rude both times I talked to her.
Surprise, surprise....I contacted the company and my login was restored. The person stated I sent multiple nasty emails?? I sent one that was not nasty, just explaining the situation. I guess people read and take emails differently.

Word to the wise....don't bother trying to state facts and possible problems with a shop. The company doesn't want to know any issues they have.
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