TNS Pet food shops

Have ya'll done the new pet food shops for TNS? Easy shop! A funny thing happened today. The rep. did not recommend the specific dog food so I told her a friend of mine recommended it and asked her thoughts. She said "I don't feed my dog XXX brand because I tried it and it gave her really BAD GAS!!!!!"

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I'd *LOVE* to do dog food shops! I'd better sign up with TNS... and hope they have some in my neck of the woods.

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I was dissappointed because the last one of these I did was a LOT of work, and it paid more then they are paying now, so I'm going to pass on them until perhaps they bonus them.
Has anyone gotten the incorrect payment for TNS? I got $32.46 for 14 shops for Nov. I think I'll not shop for them again.
Did one in October for a 2x bonus ($20). Complete cakewalk. Received the check in under 3 weeks.
They are great and pay quickly! I just did a phone shop for them too and they paid within 10 days. What a great company!

MSPA Silver shopper shopping the Southeastern states.
They are just TNS as far as I know, not an acronym for anything else.

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I did some of those and was warned away from the brand in question by three of the four feed stores I went to. "It's just bad." "You don't want to feed that." "I usually don't even go there" -- that one at least showed me where the stuff was and said nothing about it either way but it was clear he was not recommending it. Only the first one I shopped was complimentary about the brand.

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I enjoyed the pet food shop I did for them. Payment was within a month. I'd work for them again.
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