Ipsos Market Research: Legit company?

My fiance has done only two mystery shops over the past year and just received an email from Ipsos Market Research. I did a search online and it appears to be a legitimate company. I've also done a search on this forum but, I can't tell if Ipsos Market Research is the same company as Ipsos Loyalty which is mentioned in other posts. Has anyone done work for Ipsos Market Research? This email seems like a scam.

"We have a number of full and part time Store Evaluator positions available. Interested candidates should confirm their information below in order to enable us to send out further information. We guarantee to proceed with more information about the position and paid training. All other details as to job schedule, job description and terms/conditions of contract will be sent on receipt of your confirmation. No registration fees apply."

H.A.R.D. at work

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I have worked for them. I did a job with them directly and one that was done through another, reputable MSC. They are legit. I have been happy with them although they do not frequently have work in my area. Ipsos uses Sassie.
There is a company called IPSOS that is legit. This sounds like a scam using their name.
Ipsos is a legitimate global MR company; however, I agree - this email sounds suspicious to say the least. what is the reply email? What type of information did they have on you (and/or the person that received this email).
I've heard of Ipsos, too, and have always taken them to be legit. But, I too thought they were more into the survey type of research, not mystery shopping.

If you're interested in signing up with them, or checking them out, just do so by independently googling their website... don't use anything provided in that email. Remember... completely unsolicited emails are *always* a scam.

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I'm just starting to get my feet wet in this market... Can anyone suggest some places to try in Pennsylvania?
Many mystery shopping companies shop large parts of the country. The blue link below, Official List of Mystery Shopping Companies, leads to a great list of legitimate mystery shopping companies you can sign up with. The more companies you sign up with, the better. Many posters here are signed up with 150+. If you have not yet signed up with Market Force, you should consider them. They seem to have shops everywhere and they are a good training ground for new shoppers.
Why was the thread changed from Ipsos?

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Melanie Heinz says, "Remuneration begins from $180 per evaluation."

Typically I say if it seems to good to be true .... it probably is. Her email address is a gmail account. Smelled fishy to me. I am interested in information as well!
I contacted the company and here is their response:


Thank you for taking the time to contact us by email regarding a survey invitation that you had received. This person is not affiliated with Ipsos, and the email you received is not a legitimate offer.

We are sorry for the bad experience that you have had, and we would like to continue to investigate this matter. We take great pride in our work and our reputation for sound business practices, so we appreciate you reporting this incident to us.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,
Ipsos i-Say panel Team"

Yep - we were correct. If a company paid $180 for a single shop everyone would be doing it!
I just Googled them and have been looking around their site... where the heck do you go to sign up as a mystery shopper with them?

Happiness is merely life's way of keeping you off-balance.
Stormcloud: [www.sassieshop.com]

Ipsos is the third largest market research company in the world, behind only Nielsen and WPP Kantar. Very legit company by reputation. From what I've read, their MS jobs are offered very sporadically. I'd assume it's simply the fact that MS is not their focal point.
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