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Has anyone noticed a real difference in the jobs they get based on being "admitted" to their Premier Network?


Silver certified, I shop in Cities in NM and TX that no one has ever heard of.

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I'm not sure the difference is the type of jobs. My impression was PN just allows you to self-assign.

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Both Self Assign and consideration for jobs. EX- Non PN Contractor signs up for a job @ 8 a.m. A PN Contractor signs up at 1 pm and gets the job...:p

Shopping Bama and parts of Georgia.
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I've been getting more offers for PAD (or bonus money). I don't know if that's because of the PN or if it's just those jobs (they can be hard to fill).
There's definitely been some differences since the EIN requirement. I've been offered jobs more frequently, many with bonuses. And, although I can no longer self-assign, they've obviously changed their tune about not being able to shop without supplying one. It seems pretty clear that their pool of shoppers has decreased, at least those who can self-assign.
Can I jump in and ask a quick ? about Trendsource - not meant to hijack...
I don't understand the listed payment fees - on all the jobs I have looked at, the listing says 'pay per project' and then will state something like between $4 and $10? Does this include reimbursement? How come there are 2 amounts, when the second often won't cover what they are requiring you to purchase?
For instance, there is a pizza delivery shop in my area, says pay is between 18 and 24. Is this only reimbursement, is there pay plus reimbursement...?
Help!!! :-D I would love to try shopping for them, but can't figure out how to find out more details... I don't have an EIN, just a SSN.
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