Troy Dolan Group

I've just accepted quite a few shops with Troy Dolan group and I wondered if anyone knew anything about them. Such as do they pay on time? Are they reasonable?

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No problem thus far. Some of the shops are very heavy on the narrative and they want feelings, not just a play by play.
Schedulers were quick to respond and the payment has been like clockwork.
Is Troy Dolan & Customer 1st one in the same? I Googled Troy Dolan, and got Troy Dolan Group ( and Customer First ( which says "a service of the Troy Dolan Group".

If you sign up for one, are you signed up for both? Or must you register separately?

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I can't answer about the registration, but previously both Customer 1st and BMA were run separately even though payments came from the Troy Dolan Group. Now they have all been combined.

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According to their recent email ~

"We've simplified where to log in for assignments. Instead of one website for BMA, one for Customer 1st and one for The Troy Dolan Group, log in at for all three".

Also, "Payments will continue to come from The Troy Dolan Group . . . . . . via PayPal".
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