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Hey everyone,

I just looked at these menu collection shops in my area. You have to take 3 photos of the drive-thru
menu board and then they want you to list the price of every item on the menu, they state between 78-89 items. This seems like a lot of work for $9.00, plus $1.00 reimbursement. Anybody completed any of these shops. I might try a few if they raise the fee. I have never worked for Insula, so I'm not sure if they will raise the fee for these shops or not ?

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If you performed them a few years ago it is highly likely they paid more. Unlike the price of everything else, MSing hasn't gone upgrinning smiley

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I recently did one of those shops, because I was under the impression they were QSR and not FFPR ( as Insula Research refers to these types of shops), but I admit they were too time consuming for the petty payment they offer and I promised myself not to take another FFPR again.
What does QSR and FFPR mean? They aren't code for the name of the client, are they?

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I attempted 2 that were right across the street from one another. I admit I did not fully understand the assignment and wrote the scheduler that I could not read the prices from my picturees (print is too small). She wrote back and asked me to go inside and write them down. $9.00 is way too little of a fee. In my opinion, this should be a reveal shop with a payment of at least $20. I would think it would be impossible to sit there and write down all those menu items without being spotted, let alone embarrassing! I haven't done any assignments for them before either but will surely pass on these.
Shop2LiveinFL Wrote:
> What does QSR and FFPR mean? They aren't code for
> the name of the client, are they?

QSR : Quick Serve Restaurant

FFPR: Possible Fast Food Purchase and Return ...Eeek!
FFPR: Fast food pricing research. Not quite as scary as trying to return french fries!
I did those once a few years back and never again. Nanabelle was right, it was more money back then.

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I've done more than 25 of these recently. They are currently paying $11. The first few I did took awhile, but now I am in and out within 15 minutes. I order my $1 item and sit at a table facing the menuboard inside so I can see the prices. I carry a notebook and as I am eating, I write down the prices. I just look like I am working on something, and let's face it, the employees aren't being paid enough to really care what you doing. None have ever even given me a second glance. As for the money, it is on the low end, but I just schedule 3 or 4 a day within the same area to make it worth my while. I usually have shops for somebody else I can schedule for that day as well. The reports take me about 15 minutes each too, but I have nothing else to do late at night when everyone else is asleep and I am awake.
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