Any shoppers conducted shops for ShopAngels? I am scheduled for a easy assignment in retail near me and wonder if you can either a positve or negative experience working with the company.

Thank yousmiling smiley

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I do the one shop for them whenever possible. Both the visit and the report are easy. Not counting travel time, it usually takes me 20 minutes to do both (10 minutes in the store, 10 minutes writing the report). Most importantly, the company pays on time! In case there are any payment delays (which happened only once), they will let you know before you contact them to inquire.

Overall, I approve. smiling smiley
I second that they are a great company and the shop and report for the retail store are easy.
That particula report takes 5 minutes! That is the EASIEST shop hands down.

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Done lots of work for these folks, great to work with, fair pay and the reports are a snap. On my A++ list!
I do want to do some assignment for ShopAngels. I receive an email telling me that there are jobs available. But after I have log in, the jobs are not available. The jobs dissapear just after an hour of the time the email was sent. It is hard to know when do ShopAngels sent the emails, so that I can get a few assignments. I am really sad.
Nice folks, but based on the other side of the world from the US, which could cause problems if an issue came up. Their communication is clear and friendly, and pay is quick.
It varies, depending on your location. They have only one client in my area, a small clothing store.
Great, great company. Always available if you need help, and you rarely, in the US, have to make a purchase so there is no money out of pocket.
I signed up with them over a year ago and have even mentioned to schedulers that post on the board that I'm willing to do shops while on the road. So far, no shops ever offered, even in a 750 mile radius.
It's been my experience that their shops are gone the minute they hit the boards. They probably don't have difficulty getting the shops done so it may not be worth it to them to try to match shops with a shopper who is traveling. The shops here are dead easy with a 5-minute report.
Hi Everyone,

If you are travelling and want to find out if any shops are coming up in the locations you are travelling to. Feel free to send an email to and let us know dates and locations. We will then circulate your email and if anything comes up, we can let you know.

Yes some of our mystery shopping assignments get snapped up really quickly so here's a tip. We often upload the coming month's assignments at the end of the previous month so I recommend that you log online around the end of each month/beginning of the new month to see what's coming up.

Also if you see something and you are available the following day or previous day, feel free to send an email to see if it can be changed to suit. Sometimes this is possible.

Finally, if you know anyone who lives in Red Deer, Canada please pass on out details to them, we desperately need shopper there. Other locations we seek new shoppers are Maryland, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Texas,, Utah, California and Connecticut.


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