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Hi all,

I did a search but couldn't find any info on when these guy's pay ? Can someone post when they
pay and how are they to work for ? I have a upcoming job and it'll be my first with them.


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They are great to work for. I have always gotten paid, but don't know what the schedule is. I just received a check on Dec. 7th for a job done on Oct. 6th. Their software is a bit quirkly for reporting. Some shops are worthwhile. You'll have to do them and decide for yourself.

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I think they pay the 30th of the month following the job. I did my first shop for them in November and it seems like the pay date is listed as 12/30. BTW, it was an audit which was had a reasonable price and report. Assuming payment is on time, I would love to work with them again.

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I have been working for them for years. The shops around here are all reasonable pay and they have always paid me on the schedule LisaSTL mentioned. But yes, I agree their "new" reporting format drives me a bit crazy. I always have to keep remembering to scroll up on every new page that opens as it seems to open into the third or fourth question on the page but it looks like the top of the page. And then I had to submit my report several times this weekend before it actually took...frustrating.
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