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There are zero discussions for this company in the company list. If you've shopped for them, please tell me about your experience. I got an email today from them about a video shop. Thanks!

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How did they get your e-mail? Do you have a website or anything else for them?

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I signed up with several years ago. I've never done a shop with though so I'm wondering if others have and if it was a good experience. There isn't anything here and the messages on V date back to 2008. They are offering the use of their video equipment to do video shops.
Anybody else have any experience with this company? Am in the process of updating my list of MSCs, but not sure if I should get involved with this one based on the lack of discussion and information regarding them on the forum.

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Ditto - just got a shop offer for a movie theatre and laser tag. Sounds like fun but could be an expensive experiment if it doesn't come through.

I received something today from them. I agree with Andrew the Movie and laser tag sounds fun. But could be costly if something went wrong.
I applied for a bank shop but two weeks later it had not been assigned and I had heard nothing, so I deleted my application for the shop.
I have shopped for them a few, maybe four times. They had/have frozen yogurt shops here. First couple were really good, then they suddenly only offered reimbursement. That was not made clear in the instructions. Company is easy to work with, reports are detailed.
I'll keep everyone posted. I finally heard back on the bank shop I applied for. They got the "go-ahead" on Monday and wanted the shops done immediately. I agreed to do it Wednesday but both the instructions and the e-mail directions from the scheduler were incorrect. By the time I got straightened out what the correct instructions should be Friday was the best I could do - and it was the last possible day to do them shop. They use a Shopmetrics platform and they require you to print out the worksheet, fill it in immediately after the shop, and e-mail it to them after completing the report. They made a point of saying in the instructions that you don't get paid unless you send them your handwritten notes on the worksheet. I got my shop submitted fine, but when I e-mailed the worksheet, I got an undeliverable e-mail, so I forwarded to the scheduler. I'm curious to see if I'll get paid. The report wasn't onerous but the hurry-up-and-wait, wrong instructions, short turnaround, and e-mail problems gave me a bad feeling. I couldn't find a contact number or e-mail on their website. The instructions say payment in 28 days. I'll post the results.
I thought there was a more recent discussion of this company but I fail to find it. . .

I have been doing jobs that in the information indicate they will pay in 30 days. The first one I did in many years was earlier this year and was paid in under 30 days. Another one got paid in TWO MONTHS but after I indicated to the scheduler I would take no more until I was paid up. Now I have ones unpaid at about 45 days and at about 30 days. I'm rapidly losing the faith.
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