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Anyone done shops for this MSC? They aren't in the MSC list. They are one of the Recruiterator companies on Job Slinger. They just sent me an email about a carpet cleaning shop. At $225 reimbursement, I want to make sure they don't have any payment problems before I commit.

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I'm not sure I'd front anyone $225 unless I could at least put it on my credit card so I could do a chargeback if there was an issue.

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I seem to remember reading on here about carpet shops that weren't getting reimbursed but I don't remember the MSC.

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That was Franchise Compliance and they are supposed to be out of business. Over the years I've done the occasional shop for Compliance Solutions without issue. In September of 2011 I had a reimbursement only shop that was supposed to pay out in 5 to 6 weeks making it sometime in October. It seems like it was December before I was actually paid. Whenever I would follow up the answer was they were waiting on the client to pay.

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Rhonda, I don't have any information on Compliance Solutions. I suggest that you not front $225 for anyone unless it's for a product or service you are going to buy anyway. My policy is that if not being reimbursed would be a hardship, it's not the shop for me.

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I wouldn't do it unless I was going to be paying $225 to get my carpets cleaned anyway...
"My policy is that if not being reimbursed would be a hardship, it's not the shop for me." --MDavisnowell

I think I should stick this on my computer. Probably the best way to look at it -- we are always at a little risk here of not being reimbursed, either due to our own error, losing a receipt, getting outed as a shopper and the client refusing the report, or the company going bankrupt before we get paid.

It's kind of like having a policy never to lend money to a friend you can't afford not to have repaid -- same principle, only this is business instead of personal.

I got in pretty deep with the USPS shops -- but I had a high degree of confidence in the MSC. But this would be a good policy to follow with any new company.

Loan them your lunch money before you loan them your rent money.....

I pray it does not occur that the last thing I did before I died was vacuum the house or eat broccoli.
Good information for me as well, as I was considering the $225 reiumbursement for carpet cleaning, but coudn't really afford to be out that much, if they truly fell through.
tell them to provide you with a visa gift card to pay for it so you are not stuck waiting for months for hundreds of dollars in reimbursement.

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I have done three. The last was on Christmas Eve and I got paid Saturday. Where I am it's $150, but I got 2 rooms done.
I'm wondering, what is the verdict on this company then? I see there's very little info on here and the last post about them on the other forum was from July....I am debating on canceling my $225 shop. There seems to be speculation on a different thread if they are in fact directly related to Franchise Compliance. If so, I'll definitely pass!
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