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My spreadsheet has it listed as the 15th of the month. That was back when it was just Caliber.

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They pay on the 15th of every month via Paypal, for all shops performed in the prior calendar month. So January shops are paid February 15th, February shops on March 15th, etc. If the 15th falls on a weekend it might knock it by a day or so, but in my experience that usually means sooner rather than later.

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15th like clockwork - although sometimes in the afternoon, sometimes in the evening. Sometimes all in one batch, sometimes a bunch of them sent through Paypal but always adds up correctly. And yes, if the 15th is a holiday, Saturday or Sunday, they usually bump it up to the business day beforehand. Never an issue, wish they were all like this.
I passed on this MSC for the following reasons:

1-Had I not had specific directions as to the location of the sign-up page, I wouldn't have ever located that area.
2-Some of their pages are light gray on a white background; they were quite difficult to read.
3-The company's link, located on the FAQs page and to the online application, took me to the sign-in page.
4-Without any idea if there would be work, either in my area or of interest to me, I was required to list my SS#.
5-References were required.
6-A copy of my driver's license was required.
I just tried to complete a clothing store shop for this company. I spent over an hour filling out the form, page by page online. I got to the last page where I was supposed to click "submit" but then got a message that my session "timed out". I tried to go back on IE explorer but only got the sign in screen. I logged back in and there is apparently none of my report saved. I sent an email to the scheduler telling her that I was not happy to say the least. I also am not willing to go back on line and recreate the lengthy report because I might get the same timed out message again. There was a big bonus on this shop as well.

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I tried again this morning and discovered that my data/narrative was not lost. I only had to redo the first page which was the time and date of the shop and the receipt upload page. There is a place for a second receipt which was not needed but I had to describe the not needed receipt as "n/a". Somehow this was connected with my "session timed out" message and required me to log back in and redo the first page. After doing this, I hit submit and it went through.
SAME thing happened to me on one shop shows finalized and the other doesn't....I emailed and am waiting to hear what's up.
Hi shoppers!

Just a few notes about the Interactions system:

- Occasionally there are issues with the reports not submitting fully, but as Kenasch mentioned, it's normally just the date, times in and out and receipt that don't save. I'm always happy to submit reports for any shoppers who have issues with that feature - just email me at

- There are some programming enhancements coming to the site, and Interactions requested input from our scheduling team regarding those. One of the things we requested is a more streamlined sign up process, and they are looking into that.

- Not all of the questions on the application are mandatory, despite being marked with an asterisk.

I can tell you that in my years in the industry, I have worked with a lot of different MS companies and Interactions is by far one of the best. They are wonderful to work with and growing all the time. Shops are available nationwide and they pay shoppers like clockwork. If you would be willing to try the registration again, I believe you would be happy that you did.

Here's a link to the registration page: []

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me. Summit handles 100% of their scheduling and we are always available to help.


Summit Scheduling and Editing
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