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Anyone shopping for this MSC??? Why would you need to provide a passport to shop for them? I filled out an application until I saw I would need to upload a copy of my passport, then I aborted the cause.

Comments please.

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I think they ask for either a copy of your driver's license OR your passport. In my experience, that is not uncommon with international companies. My experience with Albatross, albeit limited, has been quite positive.
I would never provide an image copy of my DL or passport. This is identity theft just waiting to happen IMHO. Its bad enough you have to provide your SSN.
The key is to be sure you are working with a legitimate company. As many video shoppers will attest, we regularly have to supply a photo, DL, and even proof of car insurance.

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Whenever this type of thing is required, just 'x' out sensitive information, like license or passport #s. They're interested in the picture and your address.
I hate that some (not all) MSC ask for so much personal information that could be trouble in the wrong hands. As a independant contractor I think some go too far.
I wouldn't give them any more information then they need to pay you. A current photo is understandable. To pay you your social and paypal account, but I would not give out passport information or drivers license info. This is a reputable and good company to work for. They pay on time but the reports are long and can be a little tedious. The US rep is a good person, honest and communicates promptly.
I can't believe how little information is required or verified to work for most companies.

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I love Albatross...I have done several shops with them...I think last year. They are a pleasure to work with and they do not make you cuckoo. They were very happy with the quality of my reports. They have many international opportunities too so if you fly/vacation alot you are in luck. Pay is very reasonable and even generous and many upscale/luxury type of shops are available.
Albatross has legitimate reasons asking for your passport.

1. Not every shop is designed for everyone. For example, Albatross may look for Chinese only (Albatross is a MSP located in Hong Kong) in some shops.

2. Albatross is one of the few MSPs that offer shops cross-country.
Just tried to sign up with them, but the State/Province field won't allow an entry, so you can't submit the application. I emailed tech support about it.

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