Has anyone heard of Verites/SBC Global?

Has anyone heard of a company called Verites, they sent me an email to do a shop under the name SBC Global? I think they are a European company, there website does not seem to have much information on it.

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How did they get your e-mail address? What type of jobs were they offering and how much were they paying. It seems Verites may be a real company, but that doesn't legitimize a random e-mail.

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SBCGlobal = AT&T
Verites = a legitimate MS company

Two problems:

1. If your offer was legit, you may have named the MSC and one of its clients.
2. Scammers use the names of legit companies.
SBC Global is internet provider, so I'm guessing the email came from SOMETHING@sbcglobal.com

Anyone with AT&T internet gets one of those addresses, so it could be a scheduler using a home email...could be a scam. We would have to see the email to give a more educated opinion.
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