A Top Shop - Is anyone else having issues with getting paid?

Just wondering if anyone else is having issues getting paid by A Top Shop. I did two storage facility shops and it's been almost 90 days. When I wrote to them yesterday, I received a reply saying that I "should" be in this week's check run. They also told me that I needed to allow for 45 days to get paid, not counting holidays and weekends and to check the contract that I signed with them?! Even with allowing for those, it's been over 60 days! Also, they said to make sure that my Paypal was in my profile and currently active and in good standing. I'm hoping I get payment. I am getting nervous now that I've been left holding the "bag" from SSS!

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Anyone that had to deal with SSS is sure to be a bit anxious about getting paid by other MSCs when it seems that the pay is way overdue. Count me among them.

My own worries don't involve Top Shop, since I'm not involved with them. But there are a few others that are dragging out the pay cycle that have me concerned.

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I have not personally shopped them, but I have not heard many positive things. Be cautious I would say.
I no longer work for them. I did some phone shops for them some years ago. I was instructed not to ask for the target when I called. They refused to pay me because they said I asked for the target when I called.

This is what I remembered happening. I placed the call and reached the target, but the target asked me to call back later. That I did do, and of course, having already spoken to him, I asked for him the when I called him back. I don't think there was anything in their instructions about what to do if the target asked me to call back so it made sense to me to ask for him by name the second time I called him. I believe this was why they refused to pay me, and they booted me from their list of shoppers. They used this as an excuse to not pay me for a whole bunch of shops and not just this one shop.

I sent them invoices for the unpaid shops, but never heard back from them. As I said, they took me off their list of shoppers. I did not consider losing A Top Shop as my client to be a great loss. After sending them the invoices, I decided it was not even worth my time to pursue payment from them.

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