Kudos and thanks to Premier Service

I messed up a car dealership shop and forgot to review the restroom. I emailed Angelique and told her what happened. I said I would accept whatever they decided. She told me to go back and review the washroom and complete the report. As I need to wait 48 hours anyway, this does not impact the report due date.

Thanks to Angelique and Premier Service for allowing me the opportunity to redeem myself.

Mike T
Looking for shops in Western Canada

"Life is good because the alternative is forever "

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Angelique is one of the best there. Premier Service is one of the two Canadian MSCs with whom I feel I have a symbiotic relationship. They are my favourite MSCs. I will do anything for them. Everything is now done through the website but the personal touch is still very evident.
I LOVE these guys! Too bad there hasn't been much in my area recently. One of my favorite MSCs.
This is the very company who backed me up a couple of times and allowed me to reply to their client, point by point, through them. I was told even the CEO was on my side. And to think those happened when I was just a rookie. I think my very first scheduler became a VP. They do treat their shoppers with respect.
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