Any Problems with Ritter?

Has anyone had any problems with Ritter? Like many mystery shoppers, I have occasionally made mistakes when doing a shop and have had to bite the bullet and not be paid. I have accepted it as a learning experience. I have not done many shops for Ritter but out of the four I have done, there were problems with two of them. In one case, I was only paid the shop fee and not reimbursed for flowers because they claim I didn't submit the receipt. They actually told me that the scheduler had emailed me and I had told the scheduler that I couldn't find the receipt. That was absolutely not true and I told them that. I did still have the receipt saved on my computer but they said it was too late to submit it.

The second problem happened just yesterday. I received an email with three shops. Two said they were dinner shops and the third one indicated could be shopped any time they are open. I went to the Ritter site, accepted the shop, then printed out the Survey's Print Preview for review, then did the shop. I came back and when I went to enter the information in the on-line report, it had the shop time on the report as 5-8 PM. I immediately contacted Ritter, sending a copy of the email information. I heard back, asking if I had read the survey before doing the shop. I explained that I had reviewed the Survey's Print Preview but it did not have the hours on it. I went ahead and submitted the report anyway but have not heard back as to whether it will be accepted and whether I will be paid. I'm not sure if I should accept any more shops from Ritter. Has anyone else had any similar problems?

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I have done two shops for Ritter this year and had no problem with either one. Always create a PDF copy of the completed report. If you do that after you attach the receipts you will now have proof that the receipt was submitted. The only way to combat these issues is to have proof that they are wrong.
I have done forty plus shops for Ritter, and never had any problem. All I have done however, is convenient store shops. That seems to be all that is in this area.
I hadn't until recently. Tried to do a "mystery" gas shop, with required (six) photos, but turned out it was full serve, tiny and slamming busy. I initially tried to attempt (in an unrevealing way lol), but it was impossible.
I do not do reveal shops and I immediately emailed the scheduler from my phone. Blah, Blah, Blah, long story short, the shop was removed, but not without hefty "comments". After speaking (typing) with other posters here, I'm not the only one who had that problem.

Before that issue, I had only performed a handful of shops for Ritter and never experienced an issue with schedulers, editors or payment.
I agree pippama, those gas shops un-revealed are crazy. I did one once, that someone else errored on. I revealed myself. How can you take all the pictures without being noticed? I stick to the convenience stores.
I have done over 250 shops for Ritter. All un-revealed gas stations. I find the best way to go about it is to audit the store and restroom first. Then go about taking photos as discreetly as possible. I use a slim camera that fits in the palm of my hand. It almost looks like I am texting on a phone.
I have done quite a few parking shops for Ritter. They have always been very straightforward and responsive to deal with, and they pay on time. I recommend them, although I wait for their somewhat-low fees to rise.

I had posted this below some months ago:

"I no longer do Ritter, since I had that problem (posted some months ago) with a trucker who told me to move my F'n car and some other choice words. So not to have a confrontation or whatever he was going to do I didn't look in the ice case and count the ice bags. I explained everything and well their response was not very nice and more importantly I did not get paid, so I quit them. Now that I see they are lowering their prices even lower; I guess it was a good choice for me. Although, if you live around the block I guess it wouldn't matter. Everyone is different when it comes to what they will do."

So, yes I had a problem with them. Just recently they started sending me notifications again, for a hefty price of $7 on all their assignments in my area. No way!
Their prices start low but if the jobs are not taken they increase them throughout the month. By the end of the month you can pick up some easy shops for decent pay. As far as them not paying you: If you didn't fulfill all of the guidelines they will not pay.
I just attempted to do a valet parking shop. You are instructed that it must be the parking company employee, you cannot shop the doorman. Yesterday, I go to the hotel, and it is only the doorman. He says he is the valet parker, too. End of story, can't get paid, can't go back.

Thanks to all the forum members!

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I don't know how to delete a post.

Thanks to all the forum members!

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I have worked for them for a couple of years and love them. They have always been fair with me and when I make a mistake they give me a chance to correct it. I have never had a problem of with them.
Have shopped for them for several years without any problems. Recently, I have not been able to log in. Requested my password tonight and the link they sent to me to reset it keeps defaulting back to the password request page. Finally sent an email, hope it gets worked out.
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