Harland Clarke

Has anyone done any work for Harland Clarke? I did my first shop with them last week. There is not a place to log in to see past jobs, the status, nothing. Curious if they normally give feedback and how you can confirm everything was received and is accepted.


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You cannot check the status. You don't get feedback just requests for clarification sometimes.
They may ask your to clarify your report.but you can call them or email your scheduler to find out whe you should expect pay. If I'm not mistaking they process payments on Tuesday's.
I have done a couple of jobs for them. I did not get any feedback about the jobs.
The only communication I received from them was that I needed to re-submit my invoice for one of the jobs. I submitted the invoice and was paid very shortly thereafter.
Great to work with, they email you opportunities and you respond with a request. I have even emailed them to let them know my schedule when traveling and they offered me shops. They pay quickly, just remember to check in with someone at there office prior to doing new shops, they sometimes have last minute instructions and a call is often part of their shop instructions.

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No job board, no feedback, communication when it suits their purpose. They're trying to come out of the dark ages with reporting, and have made progress. I've had issues with payment, but that hasn't seemed to be a problem with other shoppers overall.
Fantastic scheduler and company. I have never had a payment issue.

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I assume they have a building? I know that they must have facilities near me since I am very close to a large metroplex.

Not to sound goofy, but what would their shop entail? Do they have other businesses besides printing checks for most of the world?

Thanks for any info provided.
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